Friday, April 28, 2006

Its pay-back time!!

I know this guy since a very very long time now.. Its been almost 11 years now.. This guy is crazy, witty, a huge F1 fan.. and dunno what else.. Actually this guy is still a mystery.. He admits being a psycho.. All his ideas, thoughts are psychic.. Yes,, many of you must have guessed it by now.. I am talking about Denzil.. An amazing character.. Loves pulling everybody’s leg on their birthdays… Now its your turn dude.. Though a bit late.. I can assure you, its gonna be harsh.. All secrets revealed..

I have seen different shades of Denzil all through these 11 years… I first met him in school and we almost instantly gelled… We had a huge group in school.. in school, he was a quite and studious character.. I remember him in a marathi play.. Guess it was a play on Shivaji.. This guy was playing the character of “balu”.. he was a instant hit.. Most of our school teachers started recognizing him as “balu”.. It stuck with him right through schooling days..

Then in college.. I remember, the craze for Pool and snooker had just started when we were in school… It was cool to play pool then.. We guys from college used to go to a near by pool table to play.. One fine day, we were in the middle of a very engrossing game. It was Denzil’s turn with the stick.. He places his hand on the table.. realizes there no powder to give him the desired friction.. smears powder on his hand. Satisfied, he positions his hand again.. But wait.. he needs to adjust the cue stick.. Fine.. a break once again.. And finally he is ready to play.. Hands in position.. takes aim.. moves the stick up and down 2-3 times.. and then a wild push.. Guess what happens.. Prrrrr.. a nice sound.. whats that.. his cue stick manages to miss the ball.. hits the table and rips off the nice, green velvet off it.. J Man, it was fun.. To top it all.. Denzil pats the cloth back and is ready to take position for his next chance.. We managed to slip off.. Had we been caught, we would have a lot to pay up for..

Got lots more to write.. but am in office now.. am getting ready to leave.. to tempted to post this as it is.. Will keep these little posts on Denzil coming..

Monday, April 24, 2006

My Idol!

I was watching this talk show the other day. The topic under discussion was Rahul Dravid and his captaincy. People had a lot to say about him, good, bad, and the worst. People had words of praise and disgrace for him.

What wrong has Dravid done? Absolutely nothing. I fully support Dravid in whatever he has done. There were allegations that Dravid had influenced the selectors into dropping Saurav Ganguly. He has been instrumental in cutting short the career of India’s most successful skipper, Ganguly. I completely disagree.

Ganguly has only himself to blame for his downfall. The selectors have done nothing wrong in showing Ganguly the door. His performance showed no sign of improvement. The selectors should have ditched him a long time back. He was a burden on the team. I believe a person leads by example. To be a good leader, you need to show people the right way. Ganguly himself did not have a clue of what he was doing, how on earth could he have lead 13 other people? A leader should be able to command respect. You gain respect by your performance. You cannot rest on the laurels of the past for too long. And, Ganguly was doing exactly that.

I admire Dravid for what he is today. I remember the days when he was dropped from the Indian team due to his performance. But he did not crib. He worked hard. He earned a call back. And he came back a different player. He had adapted himself so well to the shorter version of the game. I remember commentators saying “Dravid is a wonderful player. One day matches are not his cup of tea. Concentrating on test matches can actually make him go down as one of the greatest test cricketer ever to have played.” This did not deter Dravid. He worked hard, fought back hard and now he is where he is. He is today considered to be one of the finest cricketers to have played the game.

I admire him for his fighting abilities, never-say-die attitude, leadership qualities, ability to stay away from controversies.. and lots of other things. When people had written him out, he fought his way back to the top. He leads by example. He commands respect from every member of the team. New, bright prospects have got chances to play, and shine under his reign. These same new players were continuously in and out of the side when Ganguly was leading. These players have now become the backbone of the team in a span of 3 months which is just amazing. Dravid has never allowed himself to be pulled into any kinda controversy.

But, the most impressive part about Dravid is his performance. Nothing, on or off the field, can affect his performance. All the pressure from the media about the Dravid-Ganguly captaincy issue had absolutely no effect on Dravid the player.

I admire Dravid, the player, the leader, the fighter.. Way to go, Dravid!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Nothing special.. just felt like writing

Nothing much to write about today. Thanks to the BEST strike today, I got home early. I took my vehicle to work today. The traffic in the morning was tiring. Somehow, I feel the Mumbai traffic is sadly increasing by the day. I love driving but the traffic here does not let me enjoy my drive. But, the only advantage of staying in Mira Road is that the Ahmedabad highway is near by. That’s one highway you would love to drive on. I love driving there. Last weekend, Denzil and I drove up the road there and went to a small temple amidst the forest on the sides of the road.

Another lull week went by. Not much work in office. Today was the only day, I actually did some kinda work. I organized a “Fun-day Friday” contest for my team. We had a serial story writing contest. It went off pretty well.. Everybody looked to be having fun.

Was listening to the music band Jal perform on channel V today. They were pretty impressive. Especially Shazi, the bass guitarist. Like the music he creates. Jal can create some wonderful music. Not quite impressed by their vocalist, Farhaan, though. All in all they are a good band. Mahesh Bhatt is doing a good job by actually bringing in musicians from neighboring countries to play in India. First, Jal and now this song from Gangster “Bheegi Bheegi”. Heard the song is by a Bangladeshi band. Pretty cool song. I guess Emraan Hashmi is in the industry because of the music in his moves, else I doubt he would have lasted this long.

Another weekend ahead.. lets see whats in store.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

SALMAN IN JAIL!!!! Yawn.. Whatever...

Yesterday’s newspaper had the first 5 pages to cover the hot story of these days, Salman Khan in jail. A celebrity sentenced to jail for 5 years. And all this for what? Killing a rare chinkara??

Kudos to Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) Brijendra Kumar Jain for being brave and honest enough to pass this verdict. Is it not wrong to kill poor animals? So what if he is a celebrity? Celebrities are supposed to be idols to children. They cannot go around killing poor animals and running over footpathers. I fully support and am proud of the bold decision taken by Chief Judicial Magistrate Jain. People say Salman is paying the price of being a celebrity. Celebrity or no celebrity, he is a criminal and criminals should be punished.

The press should not be publicizing the fact that Salman is in custody. For God’s sake, he deserves it. Dedicating 5 pages to him makes no sense to me. Looks like this is gonna continue for a few more days.. The media is gonna continue sympathizing with Salman..

Salman spending 5 nights, 5 weeks, 5 years, or even 5 decades is not gonna affect any of us. There are better things we should be raising our voice against. The government has decided to raise the minority quota once again. At this rate, we are once again gonna go back to the days of Independence. But this time, it will be the opposite. The so called minority class would be ruling. The “Open” class people would be looking out for an Ambedkar to fight for them. Why wait that long? We should stop this from happening. When in today’s world we talk of equality and stuff, we cannot be reserving educational seats and jobs for a certain class of people. Where is the democracy of the country going? Democracy means equality, equal rights.. Where do you see equal rights these days?? Raise your voice against such issues rather than feeling sorry for what a celebrity (sorry, criminal) is going through.

The lives of several kids depend on the verdict the government takes. Deserving candidates are gonna suffer if the proposal is accepted. Everyone is supposed to be given a fair chance. Everyone should have an equal chance to fight for the vacancies. Caste, religion, or anything for that matter should not be a deciding factor. Merit should be the sole criteria.

I just wish and hope to read some thing related to this in tomorrow newspaper. Not on some corner of the page, but as the main headlines.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Am really frustrated with life... Job getting to me.. no work at the moment.. got to spend 9 hrs in office doing nothing.. its killing me.. don't wanna be at home.. don't wanna be in office.. don't wanna be in Goa.. I don't even know why I am writing this.. just wanna throw out my thoughts somewhere...

I wanna buy a bike.. get out on a friday night.. with just abt 100 bucks in my wallet... ride upto a lonely place.. maybe a beach, or a hill.. somewhere away from the city.. wanna sit there the whole night staring at the stars.. nothing on my mind.. just me, and me.. no one else.. will carry my iPod with me just on case..

Dunno what I would do on Saturday.. won't come home.. just ride on.. spend Saturday night again in a similar way.. Come back only on Sunday night..

I don't wanna spend the weekend at home.. wanna spend one weekend only for myself.. I don't wanna have my friends also with me.. Dunno why I would wanna do this.. but wanna do this once.. Fed up with people trying to interfere with my life.. people telling me what to do and what not to..

Wish I had a bike.. and the guts to walk out of my house just like that.. without informing anybody of my where abouts... Am not asking for much.. just some time for myself.. :(

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Childhood memories!!

Just a class pic. This pic was clicked when I was in Sr. KG.. Quite nostalgic..