Sunday, October 15, 2006

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna

I got nothing much to do over here during weekends. I sit up watching movies all day. Today, I watched the much-spoken-about "Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna". The movie made no sense to me. I could just not relate myself to the movie. Lemme tell you why..

Here's the plot: The story revolves around 2 unsuccessful marriages between SRK-Priety and AB Jr-Rani. SRK-Priety have been married for 5 years now and they have a kid. SRK, a former footballer, is now a small-time football coach. Priety is out working at a high position in a big company. Rani is getting married to AB Jr today and she meets a stranger in SRK on her wedding day. Rani and SRK talk to each other about why she should get married to AB Jr when she does not "love" him. She questions him of what if she marries him now and she meet the love of her life after marriage. SRK convinces her that after marriage, if you don't look for love, you will not find love. (All this chat with a complete stranger on her wedding day. Wow!!). 4 years later, SRK is having problems with keeping up to his very successful wife. Rani is married to AB Jr but is not in love with him. And then, bollywood style, Rani and SRK meet again in this huge city of New York. (Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, remember). They try to get help from each other to save their breaking marriages. Ultimately, they end up falling in love with each other. Priety and AB Jr come to know the truth and decide to end the marriage. SRK and Rani have ended their relation and decided to keep mum about their divorce. 3 years later, AB Jr is getting married. Rani is his best man. Priety turns up for the wedding. Rani realizes SRK's marriage is also broken and she goes, gets him and they live happily ever after.

As I said, this made no sense to me. Why?? Because of the usual bollywood melodrama involved?? No.. Ok.. here's why.. I strongly believe that 2 people should get married only when they are sure that they can live with each other for the rest of their lives. They should be ready to accept the good and bad qualities of their partners. I belive sacrifice is a part of every marriage. And if a couple is ready to do this, I don't see a reason why should there be this concept of a divorce. I belive there is no such thing as perfect love. I believe if a couple really love each other, they do not need the help of a third person to solve their problems. If they cannot solve a problem themslves, they have made a mistake of assuming they are in love. No.. I don't know what love is.. and, I don't think I will ever know.. All I know is that you don't have to be in "love" to have a successful relationship. All you need is a little bit of caring, sharing, time, understanding, sacrifice etc etc.. I think these are the ingredients of any successful relationship. Maybe, this is what they call "love".. a mixture of all of these..

Oh man!! I can't belive I could write such a huge post on a bollywood movie...
Moral of the story: When in the US, make sure you have a vehicle to get around else you will end up watching crappy movies, analyzing them, and then blogging about them on weekends..


Blogger Deepu said...

tarun betaa ,...u seriously need a break kiddin dear ...but to answer your Q...yeah u dont need to be in love to get married ...but thats the concept of an arranged marraige ...but when u select your life partner yourself have to be in love with that person b4 you finally decide to tie a knot ...and love my next blog will get your answer ...

7:17 AM

Blogger Tarun said...

hehe.. i am not looking for any answers.. I did not pose any questions either.. Guess, it was just a combination of many things that lead to this.. 1. Staying alone in the US with no car.
2. Watching a crappy Karan Johar movie when I was bored.

4:11 PM

Blogger Loa Naissus said...

i saw this dumb movie for 10$. this is by far the dumbest movie they cud possibly make. i think the success of kal ho na ho just went to karan johar's head.
besides SRK n Rani's charachters are so boring in the movie...i didnt realize when they fell in love. an affair between preity and abhishek's charachters wud have made more sense actually.
my question is this, how can two extremely boring ppl (read rhea and SRK'S raj fall in love (?) and also have an extra marital affair???
the plot is 'as flat as a dosa' (quote: golden words from navjot sidhu)

10:42 PM

Blogger Tarun said...

@loa: 10$??? I could have bought myself a DVD of "A walk to remember".. you blew away 10$.. and true...Rhea's character is sooo borring.. how cud anyne fall for her??? the only time her character seemed interesting was then she get all dressed up in leather.. hahaha.. that was something..

10:51 PM

Blogger mysticarni said...

well i guess wat breaks up some relations is that sometimes we just take all of our partner's nodding for granted ... sometimes there is this negative thinking ... about wat if this or that happens due to a certain act committed or words uttered by the partner, and the associated interpretation that we give to them .... which brings in rules into the relationship ... making it harder on one of the partners ... who keeps all the hurt within until it explodes some day .... or simply withdraws some day .... n there the relationship gets sucked into a deadend .... i guess love is not some place where we go to get something .... its a place where we go to give something ... the more we give the more we get .... sometimes i regret ... i made the same mistakes in my life .... but hehehehe .... life is long and theres always another chance! Cheers!

10:29 PM

Anonymous dexter said...

cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... you guys discussing about SRK movies.......... yuk...

8:49 PM

Blogger Deepu said...

[b]oye cartoon ...tu gaddi le hi le ...warna tera kuch nahi hone wala

2:43 PM


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