Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My Cousin at the SAF games

The past few days have been very memorable for my young cousin sister, Lekha. Why would it not be? Imagine a 15-year old girl enjoying international success.

She has been in Colombo for the past weeks preparing hard for the ongoing SAF games. She has been doing great in all national events but this is the first time she was on the international scene. All her hard work to date has paid off now. She won 6 gold medals at the SAF games. She also posted a new games record in the 100m butterfly event. Her 1:04.51s effort bettered the existing mark of 1:05.82 set in Islamabad two years ago.

Way to go, Lekha… We are all so proud of you.


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Blogger mysticarni said...

this sounds absolutely exciting!

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