Friday, March 31, 2006

Back in India!!

My 10th day in India after 3 and a half long months in San Diego. Its kinda fun to be back in India but back of my mind I know that US is a far better place.

Life has not been very exciting as it used to be. Nothing to work on, no parties, no weekend outings. Days are all lull. I chalked out a lot of stuff to do when I get back to India. But, nothing has inspired me to actually get up and going on those tasks. I had planned on every weekend parties and outings. I had planned to go clubbing. I had planned on a lion safari to the Gir National park. So many things to do, but I guess its the Mumbai heat that has put me off.

Gone are the days when I used to await weekends. Every weekend used to mean something special. Every weekend there was a party or an outing planned. But no more. Everybody has a schedule of their own. I have not had to time to meet up will all friends and listen to the tales of the Goa carnival they went to. Hate this kinda life... :(

I love the US kinda life. To follow that kinda lifestyle, we need to:
  1. Live for the day. Forget about the future and enjoy the present. In India, we don't live for themselves. We live for our future generations. We work hard earning money for our grandchildren to enjoy. We forget that we have a life of our own. And this is not gonna change.
  2. Spend some time for ourselves. I spend 5 days a week slogging in office and the other 2 days is making up for it. Most of us don't have a life during weekdays. In the US, the work culture is different. They work on an hourly basis. They, therefore, work for no more than 8 hours a day. They have the remaining 16 hours to themselves. They indulge in theor hobbies and other activities during that time.
  3. Improve on our basic infrastructure. I love the infrastructure there. Love their roads. the roads there really make you feel like going out and cruising on them. Here, I am dog tired when I reach home. I am not awake for more than 3 hours after I get back home.

There is a lot more that I would love to point out. But am too tired to write. The travelling here drains you completely, physically and mentally.

The bottomline is US is a far better place to stay in. I remember hearing a debate on how the US culture spoils the children or NRIs. I know the culture cultivated in children there is bad. But, I believe, children are a mere reflection of their parents. Our children will do exactly as we teach them and not what they see in the society. So those of you who have the US culture as the main point of debate, I am sorry, you should blame yourself if your children are spoilt brats.

I know that there are a lot of Indian lovers cursing me for this. But, we got to digest the truth. We need to work towards making India a better place. I too love India and thats the reason I wanna make it better.