Thursday, September 21, 2006

Crocodile Hunter

Its been days since Steve Irwin's tragic death. But, it looks like the world has still not forgotten this great animal lover.
I haven't been his greatest follower but I did know what he was and what he did. Its sometime weird, you never know who a person is until he is no more around to be recognised. I only knew him for his show on Animal Planet, "Crocodile Hunter". But after watching all the shows in tribute to this man, I realize who and what he actually was. Sad, I could not appreciate the work this person did while he was alive.
My deepest sympathies with Terri Irwin and her 2 little kids. Hope his family can carry forward his wonderful legacy.


Anonymous tabs said...

ya its sad. i was really surprised to hear that news too. iv watched him on TV often. he died doing wat he loved most.

10:25 AM

Blogger DENZIL said...

I miss Stevie....

2:54 AM

Blogger mysticarni said...

it was a death too gruesome for a man with such a tender heart for the fellow (but ignored) living creatures of the planet

11:20 PM


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