Thursday, September 21, 2006

Crocodile Hunter

Its been days since Steve Irwin's tragic death. But, it looks like the world has still not forgotten this great animal lover.
I haven't been his greatest follower but I did know what he was and what he did. Its sometime weird, you never know who a person is until he is no more around to be recognised. I only knew him for his show on Animal Planet, "Crocodile Hunter". But after watching all the shows in tribute to this man, I realize who and what he actually was. Sad, I could not appreciate the work this person did while he was alive.
My deepest sympathies with Terri Irwin and her 2 little kids. Hope his family can carry forward his wonderful legacy.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Labor day weekend

Its 1 in the night now and I am writing this post. You know wat inspired me to write at this time?? I was reading the first few posts from Denzil' blog about Animal Kingdom, our Goa trip etc.. Man, it was soo much fun... It kept me up till now.. It will be so much fun to read this stuff say 10 yrs from now.. Thanks to this wonderful concept of blogging, we will be able to relive our good ol' college memories.. :)

Its a long weekend here.. And guess what I did on the first day of the weekend.. I managed to get lost in the streets of San Diego.. :) What started out as a simple evening walk turned out to be some of the moments I will remember for a long time to come..

At 5 in the evening, I decided its time to get out of the room and take a stroll.. Today, I decided to venture into streets I had never been to before.. It was fun.. just walked through the beautifully paved footpaths.. nice greenery on either side of the pathway.. I was enjoying the walk.. clicking pics of views from the pathway.. It was very silent and lonely.. I was the only one walking on these pathways.. There were shrubs of oranges on my left.. Mountains far away on my right.. It was nice to be walking all alone on these pathways enjoying nature...

It was 7 and I decided to head for the hotel.. but u know what I lost my way.. I hd thought of following the old joke where u tell a person to take a left, then a left again, and then again a left and u get back to the same place.. So, I took a left, then a left and again a left thinking I would get back to my hotel.. but unfortunately, I was wrong.. I reached a place called Poway, whih is about 3 miles from where I like... man.. did I walk that far?? Lucky for me, I had a cell phone this time around and I called the hotel for directions.. They were surprised to hear I walked that far.. The directions they gave me got me nowhere.. so I decided to go back the same way as I got here.. so I took the same pathway to get back home..

I could just not imagine what I saw... the pathway which seemed so nice and quite about half an hr back was so different now.. It was eerie.. It was creepy... The nice orange shrubs on the side was scary and the crickets were not making it any easy for me.. The local people always talk about coyotes.. they say its common for coyotes to walk out off this greenery after dark.. and I was scared.. Imagine a guy who is scared of dogs meets a coyote.. I would have been soo dead.. But, I gathered courage and walked thru listening to music on my iPod.. Finally, I reached the hotel at 8:25.. Man, wat an experience..

Now that I managed to walk back safely, I feel it was funny.. But then, I admit, I was shit scared... Lucky for me.. I did not have to exchange pleasantries with the coyotes.. :)