Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My Music

Long time since I actually wrote something... the work and lifestyle here does not give me enough time to actually pen down the thousand thoughts growing in my idle brain.

Over the past few days, I having been spending most of my time downloading my favourite music. I have been coming back from office and logging on to my P2P client almost immediately downloading my favorite music.

I just love my hindi songs...I like and listen to many songs... but if I were asked to put down my favorites, they would be:

  1. Koi Fariyaad by Jagjit Singh. This song from Tum Bin is one of my best. I love the way Jagjit Singh sings. I don't think he has a great voice but he really knows how to use his voice to suit the music. This guys puts his soul in his songs and I think this song should be one of his bests. Love the lyrics.
  2. Ae Kaash from Kabhi haan kabhi naa. Brilliant song. Brilliant lyrics. If I were to dedicate a song to the lady in my life, this would be it. I would vote this as the most romantic song I have ever heard. Anyone knows of a song more romantic than this, please let me know.
  3. Hai apna dil toh aawara. I don't know which movie this song is from or who sang it. All I know is that I love this old classic. Love the lyrics of this songs.. Think this song suits me well.. :-)
  4. Dil chahta hai from Dil chahta hai. Amazing song from an amazing movie. Everytime I listen to this song, it reminds me of the fun Denzi, Naveen, and myself had in Goa. I dream to travel to Goa in an Porsche Boxter convertible with all my friends together with This song playing. Do dreams come true??
  5. Pehla Nasha from Qayamat se Qayamat tak. An awesome song sung by a singer I don't quite like, Udit Narayan. I don't like the kinda songs he sings, but this song was a classic that will be remembered by many as the most romantic song.
  6. Tum Bin from the movie Tum Bin. The music in this movie is just mindblowing. The lyrics of this song touches the soul.
  7. Purani Jeans by Ali Haider. This song reminds me of college days. Ali Haider has wonderfully brought out the college memories into this wonderful song.
  8. Yaaron by KK. This song from Rockford is just as good as the movie. The songs and movie rocks. The ultimate dedication to your nearest and dearest friends.
  9. Suuno Na from Jhankar beats. This movie has some wonderfully remixed songs from the olden days. But, I like this song the most. Lovely lyrics, touching music.
  10. Ae Zindagi from Saadma. S.P Balasubramanium is awesome in this song as he always is. But, the combination of Kamal Hasan and SP makes this song a classic in my playlist. The lyrics are so true and touching that it touches the soul.

This list could just go on and on.. I still wanna continue with this list but have no time.. But, will just jot down some songs I really love listening to:

Baahan ke daarmiyan from Khamoshi

Maine pyar kiya title song

Ghum hai kisike pyar mein

Do dil mil rahe hain from Pardes

Tumko dekha by Jagjit Singh

Hume tumse pyar kitna from Jhankaar beats

Yeh haasein waadiyan from Roja

Pal by KK

Ghum sum ho kyun by Shaan

Ishq hota nahi from Joggers park

Aawarapan from Jism

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Go Goa, Animals.

So finally, Goa is gone see all the animals on the loose… :)
Wow.. this is gonna be a treat for the Goan public. Goan public is gonna enjoy the carnival even more this time with the animals from Mumbai joining in the fun…

Way to go, guys.. But I am surprised, you guys gave Atul the responsibility of booking the tickets :) Well, it seems Atul has got the tickets booked. :), though I will believe this only after you guys go to Goa and come back.. God knows which tickets you must have booked.. :) I also heard someone is really angry about something.. Is it true, Atul, that you have forgot the surname of Tarzan.. and conveniently put in his nickname on the ticket.. I wish this is true.. :)

Guys, lemme tell you something you should do in Goa:
1. Buy vodka from the supermarket at Calangute beach and have sips even before you pay for it.. :)

2. Walk the beaches 3-4 times up down searching for rave parties.. (I know Naveen will surely make you guys do this)

3. Do not return back to the room late in the night.. you should return back early in the morning.

4. All of you should indulge yourselves in rigorous crunches every morning..

5. Arrange for tickets or better still passes to Tito’s. Heard its an awesome place.

6. Go on the ferry ride only if you have chicks with you. Last time, we were physically on the ferry but mentally enjoying with the chicks..

7. Rent a vehicle to travel around.. and the one who is driving should not drink.. Which means Denzi should learn to drive soon…

8. Prepare “Comps” for the night show.. Let him sleep early and then you guys can make merry with him.. ;-))

9. Click good photos and send it out to me.

10. Organize a RRF (Rehan Relief Fund).. Generously contribute 10-20 bucks and help him buy a USB cable… Please.. (Denzi , please pay my 20 bucks.. :))

For those who can make no sense of this post, you need to read about our previous Goan experiences.

Cannot think of anything more now.. But will surely update more advices here.. Keep reading.. :)