Monday, October 02, 2006

2 years since college.

Yeah, it’s been 2 years and about 2 months since we completed 4 long years in that engineering college of ours. And today, life is different. I could never imagine life would be so different within a span of just 2 years.

It feels like yesterday that I cribbed about getting up early in the morning, the long bus lines, the crowd in the bus, long horrible bus rides. I remember waiting on platform number 5 for the 9:42 Titwala local which was the official train for all Jondhaleites. The train travel was fun. I remember friends completing assignments, reading up notes, pulling Ali’s leg. It was fun. Then those long rickshaw queues to get to college and then the walk to college from the pharmaceutical college. Nothing will be worse that that 5 min walk. I remember spending hours in the canteen, playing volleyball, planning for movies almost every week. It was fun.

2 years and 2 months later, life is so different. I no longer need to get up at 6:30. can go to office at whatever time I want to. I always thought it will be fun not to get up early for college. But now, I kinda miss it. It was exciting getting up early and rushing to the bus stand by 8:15. In college, I had no money but I enjoyed. Today, I have money but no time to enjoy. In college, the entire group was together and we freaked out. Today, we all have the money to freak out but no time to meet up. If ever we meet up on weekends, it’s never the entire group. Somebody or the other is busy with work. And, most of the time we meet, what do we talk about? Job opportunities, salary packages, work at office. Its sad.

2 years and 2 months later, I am reminded of this scene from “Dil Chahata Hai”. Akash, Sam, and Sid are sitting on the walls of Aguada fort in Goa and staring at the open sea and the ships sailing. They talk about how they were together and freaking out now but some years down the line they may not even have the time to meet each other. Back then, it was just another movie scene. But, when I think about it now, I realize its not just a scene from the movies. It’s the story of every college kid. Every college kid has a wonderful group he enjoys being with. In college, he thinks his friends will be with him all through life having fun. But life has something else in store. Though everybody wants to be together, they cannot. After passing out, every person goes out into this world chasing a dream.

That’s exactly whats happened to our group. Thakur is in NY with Kandu doing their MS. Sardar is in UK for higher studies. Jhurani is in New Zealand. Denzil is busy with his work in Accenture. Now that he has been absorbed by Accenture, responsibilities have increased, work hours have increased. Shirish is busy with his own job looking for better opportunities. Prashant is off to get trained as a Major in the Army. Atul has his own business and it has kept him busy. Naveen works in the same office as I do but we rarely meet. Amit is off to Pune working. I heard he does come to Mumbai on weekends. Rehan just left for Scotland. Sanjit is busy looking for a gal to marry; now that he is settled in HP. Ali is climbing the ladder of the mobile antennas pretty fast. Great going, Ali. It’s been ages since I spoke to Parag. Gala is lost in the streets of Ahmadabad. And I do not know where I am. Sometimes in Mumbai, sometimes here. When I am in Mumbai i spend half my time in office. :(

Hmm.. Its been a long post… you must have realized by now.. Yes, I have no work as of now.. Just wish everybody is successful in fulfilling their dreams, come what may. All the very best for your future, wherever you are and whatever you are doing.


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So true ....but thats the reality of life ... BTW i am surprised 2 know u havn't heard of 'Woh Lamhe'. It is the story of Mahesh Bhatt and Parveen Babi...... beautifully potrayed by Shiney Ahuja and Kangana Raut

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