Sunday, October 15, 2006

"A walk to remember"

I have watched this movie twice in 2 days and I can watch it all over again. Its a beautiful movie that portrays the love between 2 different individuals, Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan, wonderfully played by Shane West and Mandy Moore.

The first part of the story is pretty normal when Jamie changes the spoilt brat Landon's life. She teaches him to believe in himself, makes him have a goal, gets him to work towards it. Everything was going fine for Landon and he believed that Jamie was the girl for him when the story takes a twist. Jamie reveals she is a Leukemia patient and the world falls apart for Landon. I am really touched by the final few moments of the movie.

I remember this scene after Jamie's death: Landon has secured admission into a medical school and he comes to share the news with Jamie's dad.
Landon: "I'm sorry she never got her miracle. "
Reverend Sullivan (Jamie's Dad): "She did. It was you. "

Awesome movie. You get a chance to watch it, do not miss it. Also, check out the song "Only hope" by Mandy Moore herself.. I love this song.


Blogger Mistress of Magic said...

oh my god! u like a chick flick like that? wow. i know its a sweet movie.. but i cannot imagine u liking it. :P

9:02 PM

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